What is DIY cake decorating?

Have you ever been to one of those paint-your-own ceramic places? Or a paint-and-sip night, where you spend a few hours trying to paint a tree by a stream? DIY cake decorating is sort of like that, but with cake or cupcakes. We supply the prebaked cakes or cupcakes and all the instructions, fondant, frosting, sprinkles, tools, etc., that you need to create a beautiful and delicious design. Basically, we bake the cakes, you make them pretty. The best part of all: even if your cake isn't pretty, it still tastes GREAT!

Where is the Cake Hoopla studio?

Cake Hoopla is located in the retail space at the bottom of The Overland, an apartment complex in the Tigard Triangle. It’s just a short 15-minute drive from Portland. The Overland is across the street from Winco, Planet Fitness, and Pets Smart, and just a few blocks from Costco.

Where can I park when I visit the Cake Hoopla studio?

Parking is available along Dartmouth Street, including in front of Cake Hoopla's building; on 72nd Street around the corner in front of The Overland; as well as other nearby streets. Ample street parking is available on 70th Street, just two blocks toward the I5 onramp. 

Do your cakes/cupcakes come with to-go boxes, or do I need to get my own?

Each cake or cupcake kit you order comes with a handy-dandy cardboard bakery box or compostable container. When you book a party, we supply boxes and containers for each guest decorating at your event. 

When is Cake Hoopla open?

Cake Hoopla's hours are Wednesday-Friday 12:00-6:00, & Saturday-Sunday 10:00-6:00. In-studio and mobile party bookings available during and outside these hours. 

If I reserve a spot during open studio time, do I pay per person or per cake/cupcake kit?

Pricing for open studio time bookings is based on the number of cake or cupcake kits you order, not the number of people in your group. For example, a group of four people may together decorate one cupcake kit, and you will only pay for that one kit. Please identify the total number of people in your group when you make the booking, so we can have your table set up and ready for you. Space is limited. We cannot accommodate groups over 10 people during open studio time, so please book a party for that!

Do you have happy hour?

Sure do! Happy hour is Wednesday-Friday, 3:00-5:00, with $2.00 off beer and wine.

I don't need my cake/cupcake kit right away. Can I order it in advance and choose a pickup or shipping date?

Yes, no problem! Just email, call, or stop by the studio to schedule a pickup or shipping date. 

Do you have any pre-decorated cakes or cupcakes in the studio I can grab on the go?

We try to stock a limited selection of pre-decorated cakes and cupcakes available for purchase in the studio. To ensure we have you what you want when you want it, please preorder pre-decorated cakes/cupcakes. A selection of pre-decorated cakes/cupcakes can be be found here. Call or email for customer orders.

PS - If you don’t mind sticking around for a little while (maybe grab a beer?), we’re happy to decorate some cakes or cupcakes while you wait.

What should I/my kids wear when we decorate our cakes/cupcakes?

Like most art projects, decorating cake can get a bit messy, especially for young kids. But don’t sweat it! If you’re decorating in our studio, adults can borrow an apron and kids can borrow a crafting smock.

For open studio time, we also minimize the mess by prefilling and crumbcoating the cakes, which locks in the cake guts.

Where should parents go while their kid is at a party?

Because the party room can get a bit crowded when filled with too many spectators, parents are welcome to hang out in the general seating area while their kids are partying hard in the party room. Grab a beer, do some knitting, that sort of thing. However, we may ask you to leave the larger tables open for customers who are using the space to decorate cakes/cupcakes.

Can I book the entire studio for larger parties?

Absolutely! The studio fits around 47 people. We need to plan this in advance, so let’s chat! The minimum purchase amount to book the entire studio is $700. This includes the purchase of the cakes, cupcakes, workshop, drinks, merch, and apron decorating, and excludes tips and added hours.

If I book a party in the studio, can more than one person team up to decorate a cake or cupcakes?

Of course! Cake decorating is great for teambuilding or just spending quality time together. But keep a few things in mind: # 1 - Each party package has a minimum price regardless of the number of decorators. # 2 - Our party room can seat up to 18 people.

If I host a party outside the studio, how much space does each decorator need?

This depends on the number of cakes, cupcakes, and decoration used, as well as the physical size of the decorators. In general, you should plan on each person taking up about 16” x 12” of space. For smaller decorating events, like 2 cupcakes per person, 14” x 10” may be okay, especially if the decorators are smaller.

What does a cake in a cake kit look like when I buy it?

When you order a cake kit from Cake Hoopla, the cake comes prefrosted. (If you attend a party or workshop, you will frost the cake yourself.) The baked cake has been assembled with its layers and frosting inside and a first layer of frosting on the outside. This locks in the cake guts and creates a nice, even canvas for decorating. Most designs are frosted in white vanilla buttercream. 

Can I refrigerate my cake, or do I need to eat it right away?

When not decorating, you should refrigerate your cake/cupcakes and frosting. They’re great refrigerated for up to 5 days or frozen in an airtight container or sealed plastic wrap for up to 1 month. If well sealed, frozen cakes/cupcakes can last even longer!

I have a specific cake design in mind. Can I make that?

Probably. We've done myriad custom themes for folks, including company logos/colors, a beach theme, a ton of pop culture kids' characters, literacy theme, construction zone, dinosaurs, etc., etc. We also offer a create-your-own cake and cupcake kit, where you select 2 sprinkle mixes, 2 fondant colors, and 2 frosting colors, then freestyle the final design using the tools available in the studio. If you need more guidance, let's chat!

How do I get my cake home?

Your cake or cupcakes will be snug as a bug in our complimentary cake or cupcake box. We still recommend you drive carefully.

Do you offer vegan, dairy-free, or Paleo cakes?

Not yet, but hopefully one day soon! All cakes are vegetarian, and we have a gluten-free* fetti flavor.

*Not baked in a gluten-free environment.

Do you offer gluten-free cakes?

We make delightful gluten-sensitive cake and cupcakes in our signature fetti flavor. While the cake/cupcake ingredients are gluten-free, they are made in a facility that produces items containing gluten, making cross-contamination possible. 

Can’t I just buy a finished cake?

What’s the fun in that?! But, sure, no problem. Check out our list of pre-decorated cakes or order a custom cake. Please give us at least 3 days to fulfill a custom pre-decorated cake or cupcakes; otherwise, a rush fee may apply.

What should I do when my cake arrives in the mail?

Your cake should be cold or frozen before you remove the plastic shrink wrap from around the cake. If the frosting around the cake feels soft (like you can indent it with a light touch), stick the cake in the fridge or freezer for 10 minutes before removing the shrink wrap. If you're not ready to decorate right away, refrigerate the cake and frosting, then pull them out about one hour before decorating to bring them to room temperature. Cakes and cupcakes are best decorated at room temperature and with room temperature frosting.

Can I bring a piñata to be bashed open in the studio?

No, thank you!

Is it okay to bring noisemakers to the studio?

No, please don't. 

Can I bring an outside cake or cupcakes to the studio for a birthday party?

No, sorry, we don't allow outside cakes or cupcakes in the studio. We're happy to make something special for you, though! 

I can't find the party time I want. Do you offer party times not shown on the website? 

If you need book an off-hours party, we're happy to chat about options. Please email hey@cakehoopla.com or call 971.610.6530. Off-hour parties may be subject to a 10% fee on the total price of the party. 

Can I bring pizza or other snacks to an in-studio party?

Of course! Just no outside cakes, cupcakes, or alcohol.

Can I bring food and drinks into the studio during open studio time?

You're welcome to bring food and drinks into the studio, except cakes, cupcakes, and alcoholic beverages. We are happy to sell you those in the studio!