the deets you need to book an awesome party, just a few clicks away...

steps for booking

1. Pick a party package. Choose between 3 party styles, available in both cakes and cupcakes. 

2. Book a date. Book a date with a refundable $150 room-booking deposit. The deposit will apply toward the final price of the party.

3. Give us the deets. After clicking "book now!" you'll be asked to provide details for your event, like cake design and the expected number of guests. We'll email you or give you a call to work out any remaining details.

4. Pay the balance. We'll collect the balance in-studio after your event. 

party packages & pricing

1. Wild and Free Party Package. Choose 2 fondant colors, 2 frosting colors, and 2 sprinkles. Each decorator receives the same set of fondant, frosting, and sprinkles. With access to decorating tools, your guests get creative and come up with a design totally their own!

Cupcake parties: $325 for up to 10 decorators and $15 for each additional decorator over #10.

Cake parties: $400 for up to 10 decorators and $25 for each additional decorator over #10.

2. Bob Ross Party Package. Choose one of Cake Hoopla's fab cake or cupcake designs. Your guests will follow easy-peasy instruction cards as inspiration for their final design.

Cupcake parties: $350 for up to 10 decorators and $15 for each additional decorator over #10.

Cake parties: $425for up to 10 decorators and $25 for each additional decorator over #10.

3. Bespoke Party Package. A totally customizable option. The final price depends on the chosen design. Prices for cupcake parties typically start at $375 for up to 10 decorators, and $15 for each additional decorator over #10. Cake parties typically start at $450 for up to 10 decorators and $25 for each additional decorator over #10. Email or call for a quote!

super-fun extras!

Here are some add-ons to make your event extra special:
  1. Convert your party to a workshop with live instruction by a Hoopla Helper for $50.00.
  2. RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS ages 3-12: To extend the party magic, include apron decorating before cake decorating. Each kid will receive an adjustable white apron to decorate with fabric markers. The apron is one-size and fits most kids sized 5 to 10/12. Only $3.00 per kid!
  3. Double your cupcakes from 6 to 12 for $10.00/person.
  4. Add a friendly competitive element with CAKE CLASH for $10. Winner takes home a sparkly, gold Cake Clash Champ sticker.
  5. Extra fondant: $3.00 per portion.
  6. Extra frosting: $3.00 per piping bag.
  7. Edible black marker: $5.00 per marker.
  8. Extra sprinkles: $3.00 per container.
  9. Mini spatula as a bonus party favor: $4 each.
  10. Don't forget we have beer and wine available to humans 21+. 

party room policies


Paying the $150 deposit reserves the party room exclusively for your use during the allotted time. We will apply the booking fee to the final price of your event. You'll pay the balance while in the studio on the day of the event. Deposits for whole-studio bookings are nonrefundable. Party room booking deposits are refundable per the cancellation policy below.

Set up time:

Parties at the Cake Hoopla studio are booked every 2 hours, with 30 minutes in between. You are welcome to arrive up to 20 minutes before the party to set up decorations. Just know that we may still be cleaning up from the last event. Please contact us if you think you'll need more time to set up for your event.


We welcome you to decorate the party room with any removable, non-permanent decorations. The party room has 3 tables, each 63"x 30". Table clothes are great, just be prepared for them to get messy!

Food & drink:

Feel free to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks for your party guests. Please no alcoholic drinks or outside cakes/cupcakes. You can purchase beer, wine, predecorated cakes, and more from Cake Hoopla. We welcome your themed tableware, but we can supply earth-friendly disposable dessert plates, napkins, and forks as well.

Apron decorating:

We recommend younger party-goers (12 and under) add on apron decorating as a party activity. At only $3.00/person, it's a great way to engage young minds, extend the fun, and get some fabulous pics!

Sorry, but we don't allow:

Piñatas, noisemakers, outside cakes/cupcakes or alcohol (see above), or fire hazards, like open-flame chaffing dishes. Birthday cake candles are okay and encouraged!

cancellation policy

Event reservations must be canceled with at least 10 days' notice to be eligible for a full refund. If canceled with less than 10 days' notice but more than 2 days' notice, event credit will be issued.

Cancellations fewer than 48 hours before the start of the event cannot be refunded.

Please contact us at or  971.610.6530 to cancel your booking or to make changes to the event details (like the number of cakes).

typical party agenda

Party schedule:

When you arrive for your event, check in at reception and let us know how you would like your party to flow. Typically, we allot about 1/2 an hour for guests to get settled, eat any outside food, and/or decorate aprons (if applicable) before we bring out the cakes. Decorating time varies and depends on the cake design and skill level of the party-goers. Expect anywhere from 1/2 to 1 1/2 hours for decorating. As guests wrap up decorating, they're encouraged to take fancy digital photos at our photo booth station.

book the whole studio!

Do you have a bigger guest list or need more space? Consider booking the entire studio for up to 47 people!

Booking the entire studio for 2 hours requires a $700 minimum spend for the event. Each additional hour is $200. The purchase of cakes/cupcakes, merchandise, apron decorating, a demo by a Hoopla Helper, and beer/wine/drinks apply toward the minimum, including purchases made by guests. Tips and additional hours purchased do not apply towards the minimum spend amount.

You're welcome to bring in food and non-alcoholic drinks, set up decorations and games, and use the space however you'd like (dancing, anyone?).

We'll block out open studio time bookings a half hour ahead of the event to allow set up and for existing customers to wrap up their decorating.

To officially book the entire studio, just pay a $150 deposit, which will apply toward the balance of the event. Because whole-studio parties preclude other customers from booking any portion of the studio during the event, the $150 deposit is nonrefundable.

Email to inquire about dates for your awesome event!

cake care instructions

After your event, store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days or in the freezer for up to 1 month. To avoid color changes, store the cake/cupcakes out of direct light.

Serving tips:

  • Eat cakes/cupcakes at room temperature.
  • For cakes, run a large knife in hot water, dry it with a towel, slice the cake. Wipe the knife clean between cutting each slice. Repeat as the knife cools.

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Book a 2-hour party for up to 18 people in our private party room. With a fun and vibrant atmosphere, beer and wine for purchase, and exclusive use of our photo booth station, it's THE venue for kids and adults alike!

In-studio parties include a filled, unfrosted 6" cake per person (serves 8-10) or 6 full-sized cupcakes per person in your choice of cake flavors; all the frosting, fondant, sprinkles, and tools your guests need to decorate like a pro; and handy to-go boxes. Double the cupcakes to 12 for only $10.00 more per person! 

Prices start at $325 for cupcake parties and $400 for cake parties. Select a date, pay the deposit, and you're on your way to some sweet, sweet fun. Check out party packages and pricing in the dropdown menus above.

Need to book a bigger party? Contact us to book the entire studio for up to 47 people. 

If you don't see a time that works for you, please email or give us a call, and we'll try to work something out!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nicole Rohde
9th birthday

We held our daughter’s 9th birthday here and it was such a hit! The owner Jojo was amazing during the whole process and very hands on during the event. It was a perfect option for a little girls birthday, I would highly recommend.

Bill Sap
Great Birthday Party!

We loved discovering this place a few months ago! Our son immediately asked to host his birthday party here and we did. Everything was fantastic, from the warm and friendly staff, to their patience and ease with a bunch of nine years running around hyped up on sugar. The photo booth was a nice surprise and the kids LOVED it. Definitely recommend! We love Cake Hoopla!

Karen Webb
Birthday Satisfaction!!

My granddaughters 9th birthday theme of San Rio, Kuromi. We had a wonderful time. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed decorating their cupcakes. The Photo Booth was an awesome addition to the party and with our decorations, everyone was so pleased. Will definitely be using Cake Hoopla again and recommending to everyone!!

Anna Winn
Great for parties

Great 10th birthday party. Well organized, clean, tasty cake, and fun had by all the girls. My only complaint was that the party room was LOUD (beyond the usual sugared-up girls). Perhaps a few acoustic ceiling panels or felt on the walls would help?


My daughter had an epic 10th birthday party. Cake Hoopla gave them everything they needed to create and have a roaring fun time! The best part for me was that it was all handled by Cake Hoopla. We just got to show up, eat cake and have a super time.